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synergy for responsibility.

Our responsibility for customers, employees, management, society and the environment is a key component of our corporate culture. We approach this challenge with holistic goals:

We´are continuously questioning our acting and products just to make them even better, always with focus on the impact on the environment.

We regularly ask our employees for their feedback to improve atmosphere, team-spirit and processes.

We support local athletes as well as volunteering through active sponsorship, on site.

Our climate protection projects

ClimatePartner zertifiziert

We have committed to protect our climate and are proud to announce, we have successfully achieved a carbon-neutral certification by ClimatePartner

To balance out our carbon footprint, we are engaged in two forest protection projects in Brazil and Germany

© ClimatePartner

Forest reforestation Germany

Our cooperation with ClimatePartner, enables us to support the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V. in reforesting the forests in Germany that have been seriously damaged by drought and barks into more resistant mixed forests.

© ClimatePartner

Forest protection project Brazil

In addition, we support an internationally recognized forest protection project at the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil and thus the local population, too. Forest protection projects ensure that forests are preserved in the future and that the protection of the forest has a priority over its deforestation. Forests are one of the most important CO2 reservoirs on earth, are habitats for an immense variety of species and are the basis of life for all humans.

Responsibility for our resources

Responsibility for the region and our location in Lage-Kachtenhausen

Logistic Facility

  • Revitalization of the logistic facility without new surface sealing.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology in electrics and thermal insulation.
  • carbon-neutral company
  • certified according to ISO 14001 – Enviromental management.
  • Continuous expansion of e-mobility
  • Our warehouse is certified according to GOTS standard (Global organic textile standards)
  • perfectly located, outside urban areas.
  • Professional recycling of packaging material.
  • Consequent prevention of waste in all areas.
Team building at the mw1group: e.g. by cooking together


  • Fairness, promoting equality, taking everyone´s needs into consideration
  • Improving the balance between family and career
  • Avoidance of overtime
  • Regular team meetings and team building events
  • Individual support of talent, ambitions and staff passions
  • efficient company´s idea management
Responsibility for our logistics services and products


Sustainable and economically driven

  • Determining the emissions according to DIN EN 16258
  • carbon dioxide offsetting.
  • Highest level of capacity utilization
  • Efficient planning of transport routes and supply chains, to overseas and neighborhood



Environmental responsibility: Zero Carbon Transport. In modern economy, the transport of goods is quite far ahead in the group of “climate …

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