We scrutinize our actions, services and products in order to continuously improve and develop them. The focus is always on the respective impact on our company, society and the environment.

Our team

We strengthen and support our team. We involve everyone in order to continuously improve the team atmosphere, cohesion and work processes. Because we value fairness, equality and consideration for each individual.

– Promoting the compatibility of work and family
– Avoiding overtime
– Team meetings, team building & -Strengthening
– individual promotion of potential, goals and passions
– professional idea management


We actively support athletes in our team.
As you know, our heart beats for triathlon, so we enable athletes from our own ranks to prepare for and participate in competitions, promote their sporting commitment and also compete as a team from time to time!

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is our code of conduct. It contains a compilation of general rules of conduct that apply to all employees in the company in addition to the legal requirements, regulations and rules – such as corresponding guidelines for legally correct as well as ethically and socially impeccable conduct.

Our Code of Coduct aims to prevent corruption and discrimination and promote respectful cooperation and environmentally friendly behavior,

It defines the philosophy according to which we should act every day in our dealings with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Our Code of Conduct therefore applies to all business activities as well as to the entire mw1group in Germany and abroad and must be observed by every employee, including managers and management – even if we come from different cultures or environments and have different personal values.

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