Green: Transporte mit CO2-Kompensierung

Transports with CO2 compensation

Environmental responsibility: Zero Carbon Transport.

In modern economy, the transport of goods is quite far ahead in the group of “climate sinners”. Whether goods are transported from A to B by truck, plane, ship or train – packaging is needed, resources are consumed, exhaust gases are produced. We are challenged every day to take efficient and sustainable countermeasures. As a specialist for the organization of supply chains and transports all over the world, we see it as our duty to take responsible action for climate and environment.

We are your partner who will find individual alternative transport options and savings potential for your logistics project. Beyond that, with mw1green we offer you a real solution to guide you on your way turning your company into a CO2-neutral enterprise.

Green: CO2 compensation through software solution

mw1green:  Software solution for individual CO2 emissions

Our software not just captures and identifies CO2 emissions for every single of your transports: mw1green calculates with just one click the emission level – whether it contains a small parcel or a complex heavy load and special transport – and provides the possibility to invest in climate protection projects. With acquiring certificates from exclusive partners the CO2 emission will be neutralized directly, effective and sustainable – in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Calculation CO2 emissions 

mw1green is fully integrated into our transport software. The CO2 emission of each transport is always calculated automatically, even if you do not want to compensate it.

Example 1

Transport of 3 Euro pallets with a gross weight of 1.125 kgs by truck from Lage to Hamburg. This transport causes

16,75 kg CO2 TTW*
21,19 kg CO2 WTW*

*TTW (Tank to Wheel) – CO2 in kilograms caused by driving.
*WTW/Well to Wheel) – CO2 emissions in kilograms from source to drive.

Example 2

One 40’ft Container with a payload of 15.000 kgs shipped from Shanghai to Hamburg causes

Emission: 6 t CO2

ClimatePartner zertifiziert

We have chosen ClimatePartner to offer you great projects that enable you to compensate your CO2 footprint. As an example, a great forest protection project in Brazil.

For further information and questions about climate protection projects please contact us.

Responsibility for our logistics services and products

Commitment & responsibility in every detail

For all of us sustainability and digitalization are the key issues for the future. We are continuously working on aligning our location, our services and our range with it to support you in a professional and at the same time environmentally and climate friendly way:

  • Determining CO2 emissions of every transport to DIN EN 16258.
  • Offers of CO2 compensation for every transport.
  • The best utilization of all carriers – by sea, air, rail and road.
  • Efficient planning of transport routes and supply chains, to overseas and neighborhood.
  • CO2-neutral company.

Information on further measures can be found here



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